December 16, 2020

Event Live Streaming

Do you have an event that you would like to share with those that cannot attend in person? Take advantage of my Event Live Streaming Service.

All that is required is a power socket and either a fast internet connection or a good 4G Vodafone signal and I can stream your event direct to the internet in full HD. To make it easier for the viewers they just need to visit where the video stream will be live. This can also be password protected if you wish to stop any unwanted viewers.

Prices start at €85 for a 2 hour stream with just an additional €20 for any extra hour thereafter.

A downloadable recording of the event is also available at just €30.

A free demonstration is available, please Contact Me for further details.

Currently the service is available with a single static camera. Please note that outside events in the summer may require an area to setup in the shade/indoors due to the extreme heat.