December 2, 2020

Live Guided Virtual Tours – Coming Early 2021

If there is a positive that we have learned from the awful pandemic sweeping the globe is that technology is there to be exploited and people are now looking at alternatives to traveling. Therefore, I am currently developing a new service to enable Live Guided Virtual Tours based on 360º technology.

The entire property (outside and inside) will be captured using 360º photographs stitched together to create an immersive view that your client will be able to virtually walk around.

You may say that 360º is nothing new, you’re right, however, my service will also offer the ability for you to host a Live Guided Tour!

The 360º player embedded into your own website will also provide the ability to video conference your customers directly into the tour. This enables you to talk through the various features of the property and can also give your clients the ability to take control and walk around asking questions. There is also the opportunity to bring the owners, builders, lawyers into the conference.

This service will require no additional software or services by the agent and will be able to be used across many different platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android etc.).

I am very excited about offering this as a service and please Contact Me for further details.