July 10, 2018

Aerial Photography Prints

A Birds-Eye view of your home or property is something that you normally are only able to view on Google Maps, but the angle and resolution is usually unflattering. With our Aerial Photography Printing service, we will visit your property, take a Drone to the sky and photograph your property from multiple angles. We will then “post-edit” the photos and offer you (at least) 5 images to choose from. Once you are happy with your choice we will print the image in-house on a professional photographic printer.

We shoot images in a 4:3 ratio giving us flexibility on the print sizes. Our usual and preferred maximum printing size is approximately 25x33cm (small variances may occur) or we can usually print to your own size and/or ratio requirements (to fit your favorite frame for instance). Our maximum size is normally 25x33cm, however, larger prints may also be available (additional costs may apply). If you wish the print to be a custom size and/or ratio, please let us know before the Drone flight as it may change the way we approach the image capture.

The price includes one printed image and delivery, should you wish, we can also provide additional prints of any of the images. Due to many varying tastes, we do not provide the photograph framed and leave this for you to source your own.

You do not pay until you are happy with the results! Please read our Our 6-Stage Work Process page for more information on how we operate.

The service is not limited to houses, we can also provide aerial photography services for other uses such as villages, land areas and businesses.

Please refer to our Price List for more details.

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We use a Canon Pixma Pro Professional Photography Printer in-house with exceptional quality paper and genuine Canon Ink for high quality, long-lasting prints.