July 10, 2018

Real Estate Videography

Nothing gives your prospective clients a better view of your property than a video showcasing both inside and out. We capture Drone footage from above and use a gimbal mounted camera for steadied interior shots.  A combination of Drone and Gimbal shots are taken around the exterior to showcase any gardens and terracing. Not all properties can benefit from outside footage, however, we are still able to provide an inside only video. We use DJI Phantom 4 Drones along with DJI Ronin-S Gimbals to deliver smooth footage and combined with our professional “Post-Production” we are able to bring your viewers a reality of your property.

We not only provide you with the (MP4) video file, but we can also host the video on our YouTube Channel at no extra cost making embedding the video directly into your own website easy. We have a library of licensed music that we are able to include in the final video which avoids any future copyright claims.

Real Estate Videography can be offered as a combined Service package with our Real Estate Photography to provide the complete portfolio or can be offered as a stand-alone service. The stand-alone service is a great addition if you already have a property portfolio that you wish to increase with Video footage. We can also provide Aerial Photography whilst flying the Drone, we don’t charge any extra for this.

You do not pay until you are happy with the results! Please read our Our 6-Stage Work Process page for more information on how we operate.

Please note, not all locations are suitable for Drone flights, we can happily advise on this. Please refer to our Price List for standalone or combined package services.

Here is a sample video made for an amazing Bed & Breakfast near Messines called Casa dos Ninos (remember to watch in HD);

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