July 10, 2018

Real Estate Photography

Renting, selling or providing accommodation is always more successful when you showcase the property online. At FotoSul by using professional Nikon equipment, crafted skills and “Post-Edit” techniques we can give your property a true reality inside and out. We always aim to capture a realistic size and space of each room to avoid the “Wide-Angle Geometery” effect of making a room appear larger than it is. Of course, if this is something you require then we can also cater for this.

We do not charge by the hour and usually only take one booking per day ensuring that the finest of detail can be captured without ever being in a rush to leave. We always aim to capture images using natural light adding additional flash guns and/or lighting where natural light cannot reach. The number of images are not restricted and you will receive all images in full-sized high quality JPEG (other formats are also available). We can also size any photo to your exact requirements to be compatible with your own website requirements. Should you wish we can also watermark the images with text or your company logo.

You do not pay until you are happy with the results! Please read our Our 6-Stage Work Process page for more information on how we operate.

If you are looking for ideas on how to showcase your property, please read our Preparing for a Property Photoshoot article, it may help to take a look through our Sample Portfolio for ideas.

For a small charge we can return at dusk for photographs of the property/pool/gardens lit at night. Why not also compliment your photoshoot with Drone Aerial Photography.

Please refer to our Price List for standalone or combined package services.

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