July 22, 2018

Preparing For A Property Shoot

Remember that as the saying goes “First impressions count”, having a professional photo shoot of your property will increase the views and hopefully turn into selling or rental results. The following are some ideas of ours to make sure we can capture your home in the best possible detail. Many of the ideas listed below can be setup during the photo shoot. Please remember, we are unable to move your furniture, however, we may request that some furniture be moved to create a nice angle. Of course, all these ideas are from our own experience, we are also happy to photograph to your own visions and ideas. Small paint blemishes can show up on a high quality photograph, where possible, we will remove these blemishes during the “Post-editing”.

Long-term Rental, Sale or Holiday Lettings?
You may think there maybe no difference between Long-term Rental, Sale and Holiday Lettings, however, Holiday Lettings have a different appeal as you’ll want to make the property look inviting in the same way a hotel may. For example, rolled towels on the bed make a bedroom look inviting to a prospective client looking to rent the property for a holiday where you may include the linen. Of course, this isn’t the same if you are selling or renting the property for permanent living and would therefore leave these props out unless your Long-term rental includes them.

Inside the Property

  • Clean and then clean. This is very important, try and to ensure the property is clean before we arrive as it will add a lot of time during the shoot otherwise
  • Check all Light and Lamp bulbs and replace broken ones. We often turn on the lights to add a warmth to the property so it helps if they all work. Try to match the colour temperature of all the bulbs in the same room
  • Clean all windows. We use natural light coming into the rooms and often use techniques to also include the view out of the window
  • Any personal photos should be removed from sight
  • Clothing and footwear should be hidden out of sight
  • All beds should be made and be as crease-free as possible, this includes Long-term rental, Sales and Holiday Lettings
  • Child Cots should be removed from any property for Sale whereas Holiday Lettings and Long-term Rentals (if included) should remain.
  • If you include towels in your Long-term Rental or Holiday Letting, rolled up towels on the beds are a nice touch
  • Remove all rubbish bins from any room as they add unwanted clutter to the photographs
  • For Holiday Lettings the kitchen always looks more inviting if some of the included crockery, small apliances, and cutlery are included in the photographs
  • For Long-term Rentals and Sales, you may want the kitchen to look less personalised
  • If you have fridge magnets, remove them for the photo shoot
  • Dining Room Tables (and any other eating surfaces) should be as clean as possible, Holiday Lettings (and Long-term rental if crockery is included) may benefit from the Dining Room Table being made up
  • A focal point, such as flowers are a great addition to break up the space of a dining room table
  • Remove any clutter such as Kids Toys, Pet Beds, CD racks etc, as they add unwanted focal points to the photographs
  • If beds have space underneath, remove anything stored as they may show up on the photograph
  • Remove personal items from bed-side cabinets
  • Additional flowers or ornaments may make a bedroom look less empty without personalisation
  • Remove all toileterys from all bathrooms except if you include some complimentary items with your Holiday Letting
  • Towels should be hanging on any towel racks

  • Outside the Property

  • As with inside, the whole area needs to be as clean as possible
  • Tables, chairs and sunbeds will probably be included in the photographs, please ensure they are clean and not broken
  • If the property has lawns it always looks much nicer if it is cut the day before
  • Rolled Towels should be placed on any sunbeds for Holiday Lettings (and Long-term Rentals if included)
  • If the property has a Pool, then remove any covers, clean the pool and place cleaning tools out of sight.
  • If the property has a Car Port or parking spaces it may look better if no vehicles are parked
  • For Holiday Rentals it always looks good to setup some drinks and/or fruits on outside tables for artistic purposes
  • Remove any clutter such as Kids Toys, Pet Beds, CD racks etc, as they add unwanted focal points to the photographs
  • Remove any rubbish bins out of sight
  • If the property has an outdoor cooking area, please ensure this area is clean
  • If we are to return for night photographs, please ensure all light bulbs are working and are the same colour temperature

  • The ideas above will help us create beautiful photographs and/or videos of your property, none of them are rules and you may have your own ideas which is great. Many things can be changed during the photo shoot to help create a stunning portfolio of your property. If you have any questions before your photo shoot, please Contact Us.